Dongfeng making moves

The second “Asian OEM manufacturer” interested in NEVS is rumoured to be Chinese automobile conglomerate Dongfeng.
Dongfeng made a significant move today with their announcement to start a new joint venture with a Swedish vehicle manufacturer.

...und auf der Haube.

Second move
Flying under the radar for most, Dongfeng actually made a first move on Swedish soil already in 2012 when they took a 70% stake in T-Engineering, a Trollhättan-based company that was started as a spinoff from SAAB Powertrain AB. During the course of last year, Dongfeng bought the remaining 30% giving the 50 employees not only physical proximity but also functional value add to NEVS.

Today’s announcement concerns the start of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles (DFCV), a new daugther company in which Volvo Trucks is taking a 45% share. Discussions about this joint venture had been going on since 2012 and provides Volvo Trucks improved access to the Chinese market while Dongfeng will benefit from collaboration in the field of R&D.

Sounds familiar?
All the above mentioned themes sound pretty familiar when thinking about NEVS’ reorganisation plans. For both NEVS and Dongfeng, “Plan A” and “Plan B” make sense.
Having said that, all the (media) attention has recently been focused on Mahindra in conjunction with the extension of the reorganisation process last month, and Dongfeng hasn’t really been mentioned anywhere.

Does this mean they are out of the picture as co-investor in NEVS? Hard to say. Having more than one investors is by definition adding an additional level of complexity to an already really challenging reorganisation. On the other hand, getting access to the world’s largest economy (China) should be worth quite a bit and securing sufficient investment $$ is obviously critical for long-term success.

The clock keeps ticking
During the discussions around the application for extension of the reorganisation last month, NEVS stated that an approval from the Board of the “Asian OEM” was expected by the end of December. There hasn’t been any news around this and there also was radio silence around any settlements with the creditors. With the Christmas holiday season behind us now, decisions need to be made (and announced) sooner rather than later as the clock keeps ticking…

11 Gedanken zu „Dongfeng making moves

  • So is this announcement referring to the deal with Volvo (trucks) or do we have any indication that this might refer to a deal with NEVS?

    • DongFeng seems to move their heavy truck business to this new entity that Volvo AB (trucks) now buys 45% share of. This makes Volvo almost as big as mercedes trucks.
      The roumerd deal with NEVS is a joint venture with DongFeng, not this new entity shared with Volvo.
      But I can’t know, just my guess. Interesting never the less!

      • Rumored? By whom? Probably just someones wishful thinking …

        • Not necessarily just wishful thinking, Herbert. NEVS stated from the beginning that they were negotiating with two large “Asian vehicle manufacturers” as part of the reorganisation efforts. The one has been revealed as Mahindra and the other one that has been mentioned by several sources is Dongfeng. Neither of the names have been officially confirmed yet we have reason to believe they are correct.

  • The deal with VOLVO also provides Donfeng RMB 5.6 million for other investments.

    Just a thought 😎

    • I meant RMB 5.6 billion.
      Source: Volvo press release.

    • In Swedish media, the price tag was 5,6 billion SEK.
      Could be a bag of cash used elsewere….:-D

  • Bitte nicht wieder die Chinesen. Hatten wir doch alles schon mal.

    • Sollte DongFeng wirklich mit einsteigen, gehe ich davon aus, dass es keinen Saab mehr geben wird. Auf dem NEVS-Blog wurde darüber berichtet, welche Chancen NEVS hat, den Namen Saab weiter zu nutzen. Dort wurde geschrieben, dass die SAAB Defence AB mit den Chinesen ein Problem hat, da diese in China einer der größten Rüstungsproduzenten und damit auch direkte Konkurrenz zu Saab sind, weshalb dann das Label SAAB für deren Autos nicht freigegeben werden würde. Beim Einstieg von Mahindra wäre das etwas anderes. Denn mit denen haben die Schweden schon längere geschäftliche Beziehungen.

      • Danke, Troll 9-3SC.
        Hoffen wir auf Mahindra. 🙂
        Mein 9-5er hält nur noch 10 Jahre….. (lach)
        Gruss aus der Schweiz

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