9³ 2.0HOT 205 Hp. Aero Cabrio “Turbo Aniversario”. (MY02)

December 2000 I bought my first SAAB which was a 9-3 TiD SE MY01. His destiny was to serve as a company car and after 315 Kms and over 16 years I still keep it in very good condition. In the future I will write words of thanks for this “make miles”.

9³ 2.0HOT 205 Hp. Aero Cabrio “Turbo Aniversario”. (MY02) Photo Credit: Marco

However, I always remained obsessed with getting a 9-3 of those years (MY01-MY03) convertible and Aero. Said and done: In summer 2009 searching through websites I found it in Leuven (BELGIUM) with low mileage (98K Kms.) and the desired color “Steel Gray”. A competent and serious local Buy&Sell company allowed me to reach the desired agreement.

Since then, this unit has basically become our holiday car and small getaways with my wife. The first great trip was to bring it in August 2009 from Belgium to Andalusia (SPAIN) with stops in Holland (IntSAAB Döesburg 2.009), Germany and France. Travels have come through many regions of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Up today we take 178K km and I will go on.

Parts like wind deflector is an essential accessory to enjoy road routes in front seats, fully enjoying the landscape and its surroundings. Sports seats allows you to enjoy many hours behind the steering wheel without symptoms of tiredness. A pleasure. Trunk is generously sized to be a convertible and allows enough luggage for a small two-person vacation. It is not even necessary to fold it up which prevents the hood from opening.

The 9-3 Aero Cabrio is a very unique car. Its engine offers an insulting performance but also some lack of chassis, brakes and steering. With a small economic investment all this can be improved resulting in a very satisfactory and pleasant driving. Given the similarity with the previous 9-3 Viggen there are many improvements of this model that can be used as they have been:
• Rack brace kit
• Brake discs of 308 mm.
• Exhaust line Viggen by MapTun
• Silicone hoses by DO88

All highly recommended and 100% enjoyable.

The design of the side bumpers from the previous 9-3 Viggen give the car a tremendous personality. Ian Callum did a great job for SAAB. You only must to be careful with the low height of the front bumper that usually rubs on the curb or bump. I repair and paint it several times. It also has an extra steering kit that makes handling the steering wheel very simple and easy, especially in city car parks.

For repairs and maintenance work, I am fortunate to have one of the best SAAB official services in Spain: Sport Granada. Every year we do an integral maintenance and from time to time we encourage ourselves to undertake some improvement as one of these that I have commented.

Although here in Spain and Andalusia we have good groups of SAAB friends in CSE (Club SAAB España) and SACA (SAAB Automóvil Club Andalusia). The next important challenge will be to attend with a good group of Spanish SAABs to the IntSAAB 2017 at Dinslaken (D) next August. I hope there we can see and talk about these cars that we are so passionate about.

Thanks Marco for sharing! We`ll send you one of our limited Saab folders.

 Your personal Saab story is greatly appreciated ! Pls submit if you like !

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    Very nice car. Hope to see it in Dinslaken.

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    I really love this car and i wish i would own one like this! Great SAAB, great shape!

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    Great pics! Nice landscape, architecture, castle and most of all: NICE CAR ! ! !

    Thanx for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing Tom.

    I hope to see you soon SAAB aboard!!!


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