NEVS Industrial Services Launches

When NEVS announced their updated strategy in October of last year, the concept of “NEVS Industrial Services” was launched. To complement the main track (i.e. producing their own cars under the SAAB brand), the notion of NEVS becoming a contract manufacturer to the open global automotive market was launched. Since then, the strategy actually materialised in multiple ways with work being done for several other OEM’s including Volvo Cars and Leannova/ÅF.

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NEVS Industrial Services

New website

Today, was launched, confirming the offerings around manufacturing, engineering, laboratory services and facilities. In their own words: “NEVS Industrial Services is a full service provider in automotive engineering, contract manufacturing, testing and related services. Our solutions are inherited from the people and equipment of Saab Automobile, with an experience as a premium manufacturer on the global market for more than 50 years.
In conjunction with the new website, a promo clip was launched as well:

With the ceremony in Tianjin around the new production facility and R&D centre fresh in mind, today’s news if anything is another step to make the current NEVS business plan more concrete. As announced last month, with the latest partners coming in and additional ones expected to be announced shortly, the business plan is being updated as we speak and should be ready in the September-October timeframe.

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  • I don’t think Micael said the 9-3EV is based on the Phoenix platform, only that it is a new vehicle, which is essentially true. And, I don’t think the NEVS situation quite compares to Magna because NEVS seems to have a friend in Volvo. Volvo wants to maintain a healthy supplier network in Sweden, and helping NEVS helps build the supplier base. I am quite impressed that KJJ has been able to navigate though the mine field he encountered. I am optimistic about the chances for the return of Saab cars, but not optimistic that it will happen in my lifetime. 🙂

  • Sorry Michél, I think we have to agree to disagree on NEVS. In fact, NEVS so far failed to come up with a new Saab, right? Just to assemble some few old ones does not make it to a serious manufacturer, at least in my humbling opinion. Indeed, there are companies that do that successfully but are you aware what it means for “our” Saab? Does any of the companies you mentioned sell their own car? I also disagree that the 9-3EV is based on the miraculous Phoenix-plattform, for me it looks like the 9-3 MY2011 that is outside my house. I think we have to differentiate this development. In the eyes of the poor and brave people in Trollhätten these are great news and a hope that this industrial services will be used by as many other companies possible to propsper the local comunity. As Saab driver, this information means, at least hwo I see it, that NEVS will never produce it own Saab again. Actually Magna refused to take over Saab as they dont want to produce thei own car as competitor for that what the build/develop for others. In other words offering inducstrial services including development and production, in the way like e.g. Magna, might prevent the chance that we all can purchase a new Saab ever. I am aware that some big car companies interchange their development and even production lines, but all of them have also their majority business by themself.
    So I guess, there is a enthusiastic “NEVS-world” that might see a future but a sad “Saab-world” that feels their changes for a new Saab made in Trollhätten fading away.

  • I do like this a lot.
    Even the old Saab Automobile AB with JåJ as leader did this. Why not use every single opportunity to make a buck or two?
    If it takes off, they have created a new cash flow. If not, they did try with mostly the same cost as if they didn’t ever try.
    They have so far done therie business in a very different way than what most would do. But hey, if it works for them, I’m positive.
    Actually, isn’t it a good thing to see a company that doesn’t scream and shout all over the place until they got everything in place?
    A former owner of Saab Automobile had a Word of speech: “to act without being seen”.
    I have no clue what’s going on in Stallbacka, but as the reports now coming out tells me that there is a lot going on, even if NEVS choose not to tell us about it!

  • Apparently quite a few (with Volvo and Åf as the ones I already mentioned) and given the proven expertise and the facilities they have, I don’t see any reason why not. To give some more perspective: there are several other similar companies in the world offering comparable services (e.g. Magna Steyr, Valmet Automotive, VDL Nedcar and Pininfarina).

    As to your other comments: everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinions, yet I am wondering where you base your statements on. 1) Besides the fact that the 9-3EV in fact is a new vehicle, new Phoenix-based cars are actually being developed (but haven’t been announced to the public yet). 2) All 9-3N’s are sold out. When the second batch became available earlier this year they were all gone within days. 3) What does make “management and organisation” convincing? One can always argue that things aren’t going fast enough and/or that the cars that are being announced aren’t nice enough, or even that the way the reorganisation and the communications around it wasn’t handled wasn’t in the best way. But does that make the company less convincing (let alone a viable option to do contract manufacturing in the form of NEVS Industrial Services)? I don’t think so. Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but what I have actually seen so far and what I am hearing directly from NEVS representatives and people around them in the “SAAB-world”, they are incredibly serious.

  • I wonder who would ever ask for an industrial service from a company that has proven not to be able to do exactly what the offer now. 1. They failed to design new vehicles, 2. they failed to mount vehicles that are sold and, 3. their management and organization is not convincing either. Its really like a bad joke, but in the eyes of a Saab enthusiast its, a really, really bad one.

  • Let’s be careful with drawing conclusions on this topic. The exact contents of the original license agreement between NEVS and SAAB AB has never been made public and while it was confirmed by NEVS that there are limitations in the use of the SAAB trademark when they applied for reorganisation last year, neither SAAB AB nor NEVS has done any further press statements on what is in- our out of scope at this point.

  • They always speak about Saab without having the permission…..

  • I see the video has now been made private. Maybe it was not intended for release yet. It is a good video except for the Google Ads popping up.

  • As Lars said, it’s embedded by Youtube, both in the video embedded in the article and on Youtube. It’s probably because Nevs participates in Google Ads/Adwords. I don’t think a professional organization should do that unless it’s doing news or entertainment. Even my own little fiber tumbler product videos (which I no longer build) don’t pop up ads.

  • Advertising is embedded by youtube.

  • Nice report!
    I was just wondering who at Nevs has said ” additional ones expected to be announced shortly, the business plan is being updated as we speak and should be ready in the September-October timeframe.” ?


  • Understand. So did you get these even when you were watching the clip as an embedded video from my article or only when watching separately on Youtube?

  • They are Google Ads that popup on the bottom of the video. I don’t mind when I’m watching a free video, but they should not be allowed on a company promo. I have a screenshot that I could email if you want to see an example. I don’t know how, or if I can, post an image here.

  • Not sure what ads you are referring to, Ted. I just watched the clip carefully again, but apart from what could be recognised as a HP logo on a keyboard, I didn’t see any signs of the other companies you mentioned. Were these pop-up ads generated by Youtube maybe?
    In any case, I guess the real question is how this Industrial Services initiative will help them generate sufficient income. In previous discussions around the business plan, they seemed pretty bullish about it -even to the extent that they believe that it could be the sole source of income for the company. All signs are now indicating however that Industrial Services is complementary, not the main strategy.

  • I posted this comment to the Youtube video: “If this is a real promotional video for Nevs, I shouldn’t have to watch ads from other companies, e.g., HP, Twitter, etc. That reeks of amateurism. If I watch a GM promotional (Ugh), I only see GM related content. :-(”

    I am, however, pulling for Nevs to succeed.

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