We support SAAB (NEVS)

The SAAB community is incredible. All around the world SAAB-related activities continue to take place and their frequency and intensity only seems to increase. When I saw the announcement about a meeting on the factory grounds in Trollhättan with the title “We support SAAB”, my attention was drawn. A new convoy was born.


The first cars started to arrive around noon on Saturday and about an hour later anywhere between 70 and 80 SAAB’s had gathered on the parking in front of the factory main gate. Lively conversations about the cars and obviously the situation at NEVS took place and while NEVS representatives Johan Andersson (Marketing manager) and Frank Smit (Vehicle Program Manager) were in good spirit, they couldn’t share more details than that they remained very hopeful for the future.

The meeting turned into a convoy, cruising the beautiful surroundings of Trollhättan for about 80 kilometers and concluded with a joint dinner.

Last weekend’s meeting was a spontaneous initiative from Christian Bernow and Johan Bohlin, two Trollhättan-based SAAB enthusiasts. When I spoke with Christian yesterday, he confirmed to be have been really happy with the interest on Saturday. “It’s great to see so many people show up with their SAAB’s and show their support for the brand and for NEVS, they deserve it.”

SAAB enthusiast Erik Punt (far right) with NEVS’ Johan Andersson (black coat) and Frank Smit (light brown coat).




Photo credits: Erik Punt.

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  • Yes the meeting was good!!!

  • I was there on saturday!!!

    • Great to hear, Matthias. I trust you liked the meeting!

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