Getting my first article out on Saabblog.net turned out not to be a trivial task. Not so much because of conflicting priorities, lack of inspiration, technical issues or other “normal” reasons, but really because of the very high standard I believe this site holds.

When Tom contacted me some time ago and asked me whether I would potentially be interested in contributing to the site, I first of all felt honored. I had been reading the blog for quite a while already and was consistently impressed by the great variation in topics, the depth of the articles, the balanced views expressed by the authors and most of all the passion for the SAAB brand. Being asked to contribute felt both like an invitation to join an elite team but also as a real challenge to live up to these very high standards.

"Pure SAAB"  ©2014 saabblog.net
“Pure SAAB” ©2014 saabblog.net

My love for this unique brand was sparked when I was about 10 years old. My best friend’s father owned a SAAB dealership and the day he took us for a test drive in a brand new acacia green 99 Turbo is deeply engraved in my memory. The feeling of great acceleration mixed with admiration of the distinctive design and the different technological innovations that struck me then, still lives on firmly today (In fact, I would argue has grown further over the years!).

The first SAAB I could afford to drive myself way back in 1999 was a scarabee green 9-3OG, shortly followed by a 9000 CSE, several 9-5OG SportCombi’s and a 9-3NG SportSedan. My current driveway is SAAB-only… I’ll be sharing some more details about my different gems in due course, but what I can reveal already is that a 9-5NG SportCombi with VIN number 17 is among them…

My 9-5NG SportCombi "#17" ©2014 saabblog.net
My 9-5NG SportCombi “#17” ©2014 saabblog.net

What to expect?
What I hope to be able to contribute to Saabblog.net is first of all ”Pure SAAB” (as Tom stated in his recent article on the direction of the blog). My first thoughts are to have a mix of personal experiences and observations, news round ups from Sweden and coverage from different events from around the world, but I’m always open for feedback and new ideas.

So does this mean that the whole site will now be available in English? Probably not. While some content may also be available in German, the intent is to have my contributions complementary to the other articles, no 1:1 translations.

Daily updates?
As much as would like to be able to publish articles at (at least) a similar pace to Tom, I do have a very demanding day job as well so expect updates on a “best effort” basis.
What will help though are tips, pictures, videos etc., so send them my way and/or post comments to this article!

Michèl (michel@saabblog.net)

14 thoughts on “Pure SAAB

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    Hi Michel,
    Welcome and we look forward to hear more from you.
    This is a unique combination; German and English contributions; perfect and very interesting.

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    Hello Michèl,

    it is very fine to have you onboard! Was it you who battled up a lawsuit to european level in order to have your Saab registered in Sweden?

    Welcome and kind regards

      • Thank you for the link. I heard about your adventure, but I didn`t know all the details. Congrats to the happy end!

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    To me, it seems more and more that you’re only part of the “Saab-community” when you’re driving an NG9-5. I think i have to re-consider my presence here.

    • I beg to differ. Of the more than 2000 contributions that have appeared on this blog over the years, only a very small percentage have been about the 9-5NG. I think we should be happy and proud about the many different models that have left the SAAB factories and/or appeared on the drawing boards since the middle of the previous century, and as mentioned: we’re open for content suggestions and tips, so please let us know!

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    Hi Michel

    Thanks for your future work for the Saab Blog. I love to read news every day. Its included in my daily work.

    And i think, it could be very interesting point that you are direct in Sweden, homecountry of SAAB.

    Have fun and if you or Tom need a story .. of a virus infected SAAB driver … contact me every time.

    • Thank you, really good to hear! As stated, we’re always looking for ideas and SAAB-related stories so please send our way!

  • It will be interesting to read about SAAB from its “homeland-view”.

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    Welcome Michel
    Thank you for your article. I envy you for your superb car! Can’t wait to real more about it.

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