Art Meets Art In Brussels

Late summer seems to be a great time for 9-5NG meetings! Only a week or so ago we covered a 9-5NG meeting in lovely Lidköping, Sweden, and now we received a submission from reader Jurgen Lahey who attended a 9-5NG meeting in the Belgian capital only just before. What a wonderful sight it was with eleven of SAAB’s arguably most beautiful model at the foot of the 165 billion times magnified shape iron crystal’s unit cell!


Saab 9-5NG meeting in Brussels


Late August we had our first Saab 9-5NG meeting in Brussels, right underneath the magnificent Atomium!

11 Saab 9-5 NG’s make a long row


No less than 11 Saab 9-5NG owners from The Netherlands and Belgium showed up with their pride and joy. With a bit of luck on that hot, sunny Sunday we actually managed to park all 11 of them behind each other, while other Saabs found their spot on the other side of the road. For many owners and fans it was the first time they met each other, but very quickly everybody was sharing experiences and knowledge accompanied with Belgian cookies and drinks.


A Dutch participant, called Theo, even kindly brought some 3-D printed Saab goodies with him to share amongst the Saab enthusiasts!

Another guest who proudly presented his latest Saab (a silver 9-5NG Tid) was Sjef, most famous for having driven a Saab 9-5 over a million kilometers! His odometer didn’t bother counting anymore after 999.999km, but he just kept going and drove it another couple times around the world!

Sjef’s old Saab 9-5 and his new one!


Some members of the Saab Club Belgium were also present and were selling some Saab collectibles.

Time flew by and after a few hours and many discussions about Saab’s later, we said goodbye knowingly we would certainly meet again, because this meeting was a great success!

More pictures of the event can be found on

Jurgen Lahey

These were the 9-5 NG’s that were present:
1) Lahey Jurgen – 9-5 NG Fjord Blue 2.0T Aero XWD
2) Peter – 9-5 NG Granite Grey Vector 2.0 Tid
3) Spartacus (Luc) – 9-5 NG Carbon Grey Vector 2.0 Tid
4) Gudmundje – 9-5 Artic White NG 2.0 Tid
5) U-Poll (Theo) – 9-5 NG Jet Black 2.0T Aero XWD Exclusive + Hirshed to 260 HP
6) Voilà – 9-5NG 2.0 TiD Carbon Grey Vector exclusiv
7) Pascal – 9-5NG 2.0 TTid Aero Jet black
8) Gunter – 9-5NG 2.0 TTid Aero Jet Black with black Edge Rims
9) Retep – 9-5NG Aero
10) Sjef – 9-5NG 2.0 Tid Diamond Silver
11) Chyron – 9-5NG 2.0T Biopower Java Metallic + Hirshed to 260 HP (+exhaust)
And of course a bunch of other Saab’s:
4 Saab 9-3NG, 4 Saab 9-3 1e GEN and 1 Saab 9-6 V4


Photo credits: Jurgen Lahey, U-Poll, Svenio_g, Powerd By Diesel, Bob Francorchamps, Sjef Kuijpers.



2 thoughts on “Art Meets Art In Brussels

  • Moin.

    Gute Idee einen “Becherhaltereinsatz” mit Münzhalter zu erstellen!

    Eine Münzablage fehlt mir leider in meinem 2011´er auch noch und ich hab bisher auch noch keine passende und vor allem hübsche Lösung finden können!
    (Mein uralter ehem. 9-5 I hatte das “damals” schon eine sehr gut platzierte Lösung in der Mittelkonsole und quasi “unter” der Mittelarmlehne)

    • Agree! Really nice initiative from one of the participants to make this coin holder. Since he has been 3-D printing them, maybe more can be produced if people are interested?

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