Turbo meeting in Sätra

The beauty of the SAAB community in Sweden is that there are always plenty of opportunities to meet other like minded enthusiasts. Many of these meetings take weeks and sometimes months of careful planning, but sometimes things go much quicker… in the case of the meet this evening in Sätra, in the outskirts of Stockholm, a question of hours… so Turbo speed!

Another great characteristic of the Swedish SAAB scene is that there is a plethora of SAAB clubs. Some are organized geographically, some by model (e.g. the Sonett club) or range of models, and some have special interests like ralley sports.
I got the invite to join tonight’s get together from Jonathan Sulo, webmaster for Svenska SAABklubben (“SAABclub of Sweden”) and driving force behind the club’s Stockholm chapter.  We both live in the Stockholm archipelago and recently met him at our local authorized SAAB Center where he had his Viggen serviced.


When I arrived most of the other cars had already arrived and the sight of the SAAB line-up was great. It wasn’t a huge number this time but mixing for example two 96 De Luxe models from the sixties with a more a recent 96 GL from ’79, a ’91 9000i, a 9-3 Viggen, a 9-3X Griffin and my 9-5NG SportCombi was cool and -as usual at these meets- the SAAB spirit was high.

IMG_3890A great evening and I am looking forward to the next “Turbo meet”. More pictures can be found here 🙂

3 thoughts on “Turbo meeting in Sätra

  • Very beautiful, thank you Michèl!
    My personal favorite is the 96 as a daily driver, that`s the real enthusiasm.
    Regards from rainy Switzerland

  • Thank´s for wunderfull pictures! Very nice! What a wunderfull Thursday 😉

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