The importance of always driving SAAB

In about two weeks from today, the movie ”En man som heter Ove” will hit the cinemas in Sweden. It is the screen adaptation of Fredrick Backman’s novel “A man called Ove”, a book that has been translated in multiple languages and has taken the world by storm since it was published in 2013. To quote the book’s cover, it is a story about love, proper tools and the importance of always driving SAAB…


The movie is starring Rolf Lassgård, one of Sweden’s foremost actors (he played many roles including Kurt Wallander and starred as Gunvald Larsson in the Beck films) and we can only hope that “A man called Ove” will be available outside of Sweden soon!

The audio of the trailer translates as follows:
Rune: Stop, stop, I said!
Rune: Rune
Ove: Ove
Ove (voiceover): We worked well together already from the start
Rune: I’ll take the shortcut through the field
Ove: You won’t be doing this anymore!
Rune: And you can let your friends know this as well!
Ove (voiceover): We shared the same healthy values and at the first meeting of our neighbourhood association, I was elected as chairman and Rune as my deputy.
Smart choice, we think!
We were both quite surprised that we finally found a friend.
Rune: I’m just going to drive the car into the garage.
Ove (voiceover): Until we in the end found out this little difference between us.
Ove: So it’s a Volvo?
Rune: Yes. What are you driving yourself?
Ove: SAAB!
Rune: I see…
Ove (voiceover): We first tried not to see it as a problem and we interacted just as normal families. It went OK as long as we handled it properly. The years went by and we lost contact. And then… without any pre-warning, I was ousted from the neighbourhood association’s board by him.
Ove: I was so bloody outraged so that I went and immediately bought myself a new SAAB 9000. CS.
Ove (voiceover): And then Rune bought a 960,  Executive, instead. Their son had grown up and had decided to move to the US and I think they didn’t see him that much after that. I had just been checking out the brand new SAAB 9-5 when I thought “let’s now put all our old differences behind us”, we had to start talking to each other again.
Ove: I was thinking, isn’t it time to leave history behind us?
Rune: Of course. We’re friends.
Ove (voiceover): And it was at that point it happened.
Rune: Do you want to see my new car?
Ove (voiceover): BMW. I made a U-turn and walked home. I had given up Rune for ever.
Rune: What’s up? One can’t drive Volvo for life!?

5 thoughts on “The importance of always driving SAAB

  • Got the Book as Christmas Present in 2014, can’t wait to see the movie. Hollywood can be happy it doesn’t air at the same as STAR WARS 😉
    Thanks for letting us know!

  • The film “A Man called Ove” starts at 8 April 2016 in Germany

  • , or we have to learn swedish 😉

    • That’s a nice option too… and as the German and Swedish languages aren’t too dissimilar, you may in fact master it quicker than you think! 😉

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