Awesome headlights on the SAAB 9-5 by Trionic Seven

Upgrading the in- and outside of the car continues to be high on the agenda for many SAAB owners, so their SAAB’s will be even more performant and even better looking. Earlier this week I came across a really good video explaining how to modify a SAAB 9-5 with fog lights to look even more amazing when driving in daylight. The video is one of the several very useful episodes on a new “Trionic Seven” channel on YouTube and when I contacted the author Jonathan Jogenfors I found out there is much more to come for us SAAB fans…


Where it all started
My wife and I bought our first car in June 2014. As we wanted a comfortable and safe car that would also feel at home on the motorway we got ourselves a very nice laser red 9-5 Aero from 2002. The car was equipped well with pilot package, mud flaps and much more.
I actually worked a lot on the car but it returned the favour with over 40,000 wonderful kilometres in just 12 months!

Trionic Seven
All the work was made much easier through all the help I received from so many people on the Internet and that made me want to give something back to the community. So one day I started the “Trionic Seven” channel on YouTube, with the intent to make this a meeting place for all sorts of SAABs. The goal for my channel is to help and inspire others.

More coming!
So far I have done clips around topics like how to change xenon bulbs, how to install the SAAB Workplace Information System (WIS) and Electronic Product Catalog (EPC), but I’d very much like to cover other people’s projects as well. Having said that, I am also trying to finish my PhD studies in Information Coding at Linköping University in parallel so the channel will probably take some time to develop.
Next on my agenda is a video series about tuning and flashing of the car’s ECU (hence the name of the video channel…), E85 conversions, etc. but there are so much more ideas I could work on! And for everyone living in the south of Sweden, I could even come over and do some filming of your SAAB projects… In fact, I’d like “Trionic Seven” to become a real community so I invite others with great SAAB-related video content to contact me through the channel and contribute.

The SAAB 9-5 Headlight and Fog light modification

If you have a Saab 9-5 with fog lights this modification will make the car look awesome when driving in daylight. By programming the fog light with the Tech2 instrument you can use parking lights + fog lights in the daytime and easily switch to low beams without the fog lights at night.