NEVS promises excitement at the Saabfestival

Less than a week until the Saabfestival 2015 kicks off, probably the biggest SAAB gathering in the world. Many exciting programme details have been announced already but it’s been quiet around what to expect from the crew at Saabvägen 5. Until now… here’s what NEVS is planning to offer the festival visitors…


On Friday 5 June, a series of activities will be offered on the Stallbacka factory grounds. These include:

  • Several seminars
  • Guided tours of the Research & Development (R&D) lab
  • Display of the 9-3EV
  • Display of one of the crash cars
  • Test driving on the factory test track with one of the NEVS-produced SAAB 9-3’s, join a professional pilot!

NEVS’ Communications Director Mikael Östlund confirmed to me today that more details will be announced through on Tuesday, so stay tuned, but if you’re still in doubt whether or not to attend the festival, I would argue these additional activities are a pretty exciting reason to head over to Trollhättan next week!

And in case anyone was wondering, I’m (obviously…) heading over myself as well. Our “family convoy” will be leaving Stockholm on Thursday already to be in Gothenburg in time to welcome the 43 participating SAAB’s that will be arriving from Kiel, Germany and join them on the pre-tour to Trollhättan. I’ve seen announcements of at least three other convoys originating from different parts of Sweden as well as smaller groups from other countries.

I’m really looking forward to the festival and to see so many of you (and your cars!) in “SAAB-city”. This time I’m feeling even more excited as I’ll be driving the car I wasn’t allowed to drive two years ago: the 9-5NG SportCombi.



More details on the main programme for Friday, Saturday and Sunday can be found on the Saabmuseum website

See you there!