Trollhättan today

Call me crazy but it always makes me very happy when I spot the first Trollhättan road sign when I am heading south . So today is actually filled with lots of happiness as I am visiting „SAAB-city“ together with a group of SAAB-enthusiasts from Stockholm.


First stop: Stallbacka
Our local SAAB-club had been planning for this trip for quite some time: four years to be exact. We were in advanced stages at the time and actually had received the green light from SAAB Automobile’s PR department for a factory visit. The trip in 2011 unfortunately had to be cancelled as the company obviously got into difficulties and wasn’t able to receive external visitors anymore.
So with the earlier experiences in mind and very low expectations, we reached to NEVS to see whether they would be willing and able to host us this time around. Much to my -very positive- surprise, the answer was „yes!“ and this morning we’ll be visiting the Stallbacka facilities and participate in a program carrying the intriguing „SAAB today and tomorrow“ description.

Next stop: SAAB Museum


Last stop: Orio


Any questions?
I’ll be sharing more experiences, news and pictures soon but I also want to open up for any questions I could to relay to the representatives from NEVS, the SAAB Museum and Orio we’ll be meeting today. Use the comments function below or email me directly.

7 thoughts on “Trollhättan today

  • SAAB Cars had to die, so VOLVO Cars can live …

    • bad exchange….and NOT the real answer needed. NEVS has to step back so that SAAB can live again.

    • SAAB Cars had to die, because success would have been a huge embarrassment to GM.

      Anyway, pretty soon people will set up their tents at the building sites for iCar-stores, eager to be first in line. Eager to get the new 4-wheel uniform, when apple starts to flood the world with chinese made cars, designed in California, built with cheap labour and sold for a fortune …

    • I really don’t see that logic and if it were true, would that mean that in other countries with multiple local car manufacturers, there will also only be just one survivor?

      • ++

        The real question is if there is a customer need existing. For SAAB of course it is!! So there should be a way, regardless of other manufacturers. But with whom (with NEVS???) is another question.

  • What an interesting trip! Maybe you can ask the Nevs representatives if there will be a possibility to visit the Saab factory during the Saabfestival in June?

    • The answer I received this morning from Mikael Östlund is that -situation allowing- NEVS would very much like to facilitate this.

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